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Model ATE 36-30DM (Digital meters)

ATE Digital meters
  • Linear programmable power in five sizes to 1000 watts.
  • Low noise, high speed linear precision control.
  • Voltage and current stabilization.
  • 10 turn panel controls offer exceptional resolution.
  • User-selectable capacitorless output for fast analog programming or quick recovery current-mode operation.
  • User selectable fast or conventional modes of operation. Use fast-mode for rapid response to programmed instructions or for quick response in current mode to load changes.
  • Voltage and current modes with full and equal control over the output in both modes.
  • Multi-terminal user port allows the ATE to be configured by arranging the jumpers on a mating plug, PC-12.
  • Full zeroing and full-scale calibration for both the voltage and current control channels.
  • Programmable overvoltage crowbar. Can be manually set from the panel or programmed with a 0-10V analog signal. Optically isolated input-output to interconnect multiple power supplies.
  • Uncommitted amplifiers to manipulate arbitrary control signals into the required 0-10V needed to program ATE. Two provided. Can be used for scaling and summing.

    Model ATE 325-0.8M (Analog meters)

    ATE Analog meters
  • Digital control through SN-series IEEE-488 interfaces.
  • The variation of the ATEΉs voltage and current offsets as a function of source, time and temperature are tabulated in the static specifications table. These may be used to calculate the output effect by the relationship: DELTAEo= ±DELTAEr (Rf/RiDELTAEio(1+Rf/RiDELTAIio(Rf) where Rf is the feedback resistor, and Ri is the input resistor from the reference, Er.


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