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Types of Drivers

Drivers listed here are designed to work in the Windows XP and Windows 2000 environments. Drivers for older environments are also available.
  • IVI-COM - This driver works in all environments such as C++, Visual Basic, CVI and LabView.

  • LabView G - This driver is a universal driver compatible with all Kepco products designed to work in the LabView operating environment. Kepco's LabView driver is a native G type following the IVI subvi function naming rules. It requires that the LabView software be installed and does not run without this software package. Kepco also provides a demonstration program to control all Kepco's programmable power supplies which use the LabView driver subvi's.

  • VXI plug&play Drivers - LabWindows/CVI Version 5. The drivers provided for CVI version 5 include a soft front panel. The drivers are VISA compliant and require a 32 bit VISA driver (from your GPIB card supplier) to be installed on your computer system. [[Download help for VISA 32 driver]. During installation, the user will be prompted to allow the installation of the CVI runtime engine. Installing this runtime engine allows the user to run the standalone demonstration program. The plug&play source code is provided for inclusion in test systems.

    NOTE: These drivers can also be used in LabView as long as the CVI DLL is installed on your computer system.


  • IVI-COM - The Kepco IVI-COM driver includes a windows help file. During installation the master IVI help file will be modified to include the Kepco driver functions.
  • LabView G - This driver is described in Section 4 of the latest KLP Developer's Guide and is applicable to all Kepco products designed to work in the LabView G environment. In addition, all subvi's are fully documented within the functions themselves. For a hard copy of examples not included in the KLP Developer's Guide, use the LabView documentation export feature.
  • VXI plug&play CVI/ LabWindows - The Labwindows/CVI demonstration programs also include the files needed for operation of a Kepco product in the VISA environment. Documentation of the driver functions is part of the VISA Operator Manual which will be installed in the user's computer when the program is extracted from the zip file. Some VISA Operator manuals may also be downloaded from Product Support.

Download/Installation Instructions

  • IVI-COM The file is a Microsoft installer file. It is a signed driver and should be downloaded to your computer and then executed. The installation program verifies that the ivi foundation class driver is installed in your computer and is the correct revision level for the driver. if the ivi foundation class driver is not installed, you will be provided a link to download the current ivi foundation class system, then restart installation of Kepco's IVI driver. Kepco's IVI driver is a windows component; use the add or remove programs function in the windows control panel to uninstall.

  • LabView G There are three links for downloading the drivers and examples. The first two links are identical, except that one is with, and one without, the LabView runtime engine. Either of these two links perform three functions:
    (1) Creates a Kepco directory in the user's document\labview data directory, and also creates two subdirectories: Kepco\functions and Kepco\utilities.
    (2) Installs the interactive demonstration example application and subdirectories of example programs that use the driver to do tasks such as creating ramps (with and without measurements) or downloading waveforms to the power supply for execution.
    (3) Attempts to install the Kepco power supplies instrument driver. This driver will only be installed if LabView 8.6 is installed in the default location of the user's computer. If any other version of Labview is installed, it is necessary to download the Kepco Library in order for the driver to function.

    The third link contains only the Kepco Library of functions and a few required functions. The Kepco Library must be downloaded if any LabView version other than 8.6 is installed. These components have been provided separately as they are revised periodically, adding new user-requested functions. The last update added functions to access external references on BOP 1000 Watt models and BOP 100, 200, and 400 Watt models with BIT 4886.

  • VXI plug&play The zip file contains a setup program and multiple disk images. After extracting the files to your computer, execute the setup program to perform the installation process. An uninstall function is provided with this driver.

    • If prompted to Save to Disk, select YES, then choose a drive/directory to download the selected .zip file.
    • If prompted to select a Helper Application, select NO, then choose a drive/directory to download the selected .zip file.
    • Unzip the selected .zip file using PKUNZIP.

      NOTE: The VXI plug&play driver setup may report errors when multiple KEPCO drivers are installed on the computer. It is recommended that you first create a new directory to which the zip file contents will be extracted, then extract the files and run the setup program. Virus protection and Network licensing software have been found to cause difficulties when installing the self-running demonstration software. When installing these CVI based utilities, please disable these programs.

    • Read the associated readme.txt file for further instructions.

    Drivers for ABC

    Drivers for ATE-DMG

    Drivers for BHK-MG

    NOTE: To view Firmware Revision from the front panel make sure unit is in command entry status (colon (:) blinking) and press MENU until LCD shows: Model, Serial No., Calibration date, and Firmware Version.

    Drivers for BOP with BIT 4886 Card

    • LabView G - Interactive Demo. This is a fully functional demo, including examples, that can be used to operate any LabView G compatible Kepco product (source code is NOT available).
      • KpDCPwr Driver Labview Version 10 instrument driver, user.lib and example with compiled Interactive Demo installer.
      • Interactive Demo Program Including Labview Version 10 Runtime and Generic Visa Version to operate standalone on a Windows XP and above PC.
    • LabWindows/CVI Version 2013

    Drivers for Series EL Electronic Load

    Drivers for BOP 1000 Watt unit

    Drivers for KLN

    Drivers for KLP

    Drivers for KLR

    Drivers for MBT-G, MST 488-27, TMA 4882-27, TMA VXI-27

    • LabView G - Interactive Demo. (Use LabView G to control up to 2 power supplies). This is a fully functional demo, including examples, that can be used to operate any LabView G compatible Kepco product (source code is NOT available).
      • Interactive Demo Version 8 and above without Runtime Version
      • Interactive Demo Version 8 and above with Runtime Version
      • LabView Library This contains files required for LabView Programming, including the latest LabView Library plus some utility functions to allow a programmer to create unique LabView applications, such as solar cell testing, battery discharge testing, etc.
    • LabView 8.6 or later (all platforms)(Use LabView 8.6 to control 3 or more power supplies).
    • LabWindows/CVI version 5

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