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BOP 100W, 200W, 400W Series Power Supplies with Digital Meters Photo

BOP bench-top power supply: bipolar d-c power, 100, 200, 400 Watts

  • Full 4-quadrant operation
  • Source and sink 100% of their current rating.
  • Separate control circuits for voltage and current with automatic crossover to current and voltage limits.
  • Zeroable preamplifier available for scaling and summing external signals.
  • NEW flag Option to drive capacitive loads up to 10mF
  • NEW flag Option to drive magnets up to 1 Henry
  • Optional digital displays.
  • Optional BIT 4886 provides 16-bit IEEE 488.2 talk- listen control with SCPI support.
  • NEW flag Optional BIT 802E provides ethernet control either through a web page or by using SCPI commands via Telnet.
  • Optional BIT 488B or BIT 488D offer listen-only GPIB support in binary or Hex format.

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ABC Bench top power supply

ABC bench-top power supply: automatic crossover voltage/current stabilizer with full control in both modes, integral GPIB and RS 232 support, software calibration, wide range input (85-264V a-c) and power factor correction.

  • Direct entry of voltage and current from keypad with up-down slew buttons.
  • Two-line, sixteen character back-lit display prompts you for settings and reports back what the ABC is delivering to the load.
  • All full scale and zero adjustments are made with the keypad and are stored in non-volatile memory. Calibration is password protected.
  • Controlled over either GPIB or RS 232 and understands SCPI and IEEE 488.2. VISA driver provided.
  • Overvoltage and overcurrent protection are standard and fully programmable.
  • The high efficiency switching topology means no forced air mechanical cooling.
  • A highly effective multi-stage output filter keeps the output ripple and noise down to linear levels...without the heavy metal.
  • A non-volatile memory stores 40 different combinations of voltage, current, overvoltage, overcurrent and time interval. They may be recalled individually or in a step sequence.
  • External Trigger port allows either hard-wire or software triggering to presets.

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ATE-DMG Power Supply photo

ATE-DMG bench-top power supplies: Linear low-noise power supplies respond very quickly and precisely to voltage and current setting instructions from either GPIB (IEEE 488.2) or front panel keypad.

  • Linear control for low noise: 100 micro-volts typical in voltage mode
  • High precision: 0.0005% source effect {regulation} in voltage mode.
  • Voltage and current control with equivalent performance.
  • A high speed mode allows fast-recovery current-controlled stabilization into a varying load.
  • Overvoltage and overcurrent settings individually programmed by the front panel keypad or remotely by the bus with a programmable delay to allow for reactive-load transients.
  • Overvoltage crowbar to protect sensitive loads.
  • Non-volatile storage of programmed sequences or active settings.
  • Full talk-listen control from a GPIB (IEEE 488-2) using SCPI language.
  • Master-slave series and parallel operation to provide increased capability.
  • Local control: Front panel keypad entries are used for setting and adjusting the output. The keypad can be used to execute commands directly or to introduce a program to be run later or cycled.

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JQE Series Quarter-rack, Half-rack and Full Rack sizes

JQE bench-top power supplies: systems-type voltage stabilizers with current limiting: 100 watts in a 1/4-rack package, 250-500 watts in a 1/2-rack package, and 1000 watts in a full-rack package.

  • 10 turn voltage control for exceptional resolution.
  • Analog output control by resistance: 1000W/Volt; or by a voltage delivering 0-1mA.
  • Digital listen only control using SN-series digital interfaces.
  • Current limited, front panel control (not programmable) 10%-105% Io max.
  • JQE can control current with an external current-sense resistor.

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KLR Power Supply Photo

KLR bench-top power supply: rectangular voltage/current operating boundaries, 2400 Watts

  • GPIB & isolated analog controls standard on all models.
  • LAN control optional, replaces standard RS 232 interface.
  • VXI plug&play, LabView and IVI-COM drivers.
  • Control via web browser using LAN interface.
  • True 1U height - full power operation with no spacing between units.
  • 200-240V a-c input with active PFC.
  • Optional Rapid Output Discharge Circuit (RODC)

SERIES MPS Link to associated quotation page

MPS Power Supply photo

MPS bench-top power supply: 70 Watt, triple output power supply specifically designed to meet the needs of IC/microprocessor experimenters.

  • Actually two linear (series pass) power supplies in one: 0-6V, ±20V
  • 0-6V supply backed with an overvoltage protector.
  • ±20V outputs. Single knob controls both in a tracking mode.
  • Linear low-noise voltage stabilization.
  • Large display meters.
  • 10-turn voltage control for exceptional resolution.
  • Convenient front panel binding posts for all outputs.


SERIES HSP (M) with KIT 219-0240 Link to associated quotation pageCE Logo

HSP Power Supply with Meter Option Photo

HSP (with Kit) bench-top power supplies: Seven 1000 watt models, outputs from 3.3V to 48V, three 1500 watt models, outputs from 24V to 48V.

  • Control/programming of the voltage channel, current limit, overvoltage setpoint. The output voltage is remotely trimmable by resistance. Both the output voltage and current limit are adjustable over the range 20%-100% by a 0-10V analog voltage.
  • Set point monitors for voltage and current permit on-line adjustment of output limits.
  • Switch selectable Bellcore-type current "walk-in" characteristic for battery charger applications.
  • Front panel status indicators, duplicated by form C relay contact status flags at rear panel connector: POWER, DC FAIL, OVERTEMP, FAN FAIL.
  • Safety Agency Approvals: Recognized component with SELV output per UL 1950, CSA 950, VDE IEC 950/EN 60950 for a-c mains operation.
  • Capable of sustaining full load operation through loss of one full mains cycle at any source voltage without indication of failure. If mains power is lost for more than one cycle, HSP indicates a fault a minimum of 5 milliseconds before the output loses regulation. Total effective hold-up time exceeds 27 milliseconds.
  • Fully protected for any overload including a short circuit. Normal overload protection is continuous current limiting. A switch-selectable option latches the power off after 20 seconds to avoid damage to load wires. An overvoltage protector latches power off whenever output exceeds a user-set limit.
  • Remote control provided via one of two isolated TTL-level signals, available whenever source power is applied whether or not the main output is inhibited. The main output is normally ON if no remote logic is applied.
  • HSP meet all EN 50082-2 (heavy industrial) immunity levels including mains lightning surge. (See also ANSI C62.41).
  • Remote sensing (0.5V for 3.3 and 5V models, 0.8V for all others).

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ATE Series Power Supplies with Analog and Digital Meters

ATE bench-top power supply: Unipolar d-c power, 50-100 watts in a 1/4-rack package, 250 watts in a 1/2-rack package, 500 watts in a 3/4-rack package, and 1000 watts in a full-rack package.

  • Linear programmable power in four sizes to 1000 watts.
  • Low noise, high speed linear precision control.
  • Voltage and current stabilization.
  • 10-turn panel controls offer exceptional resolution.
  • User-selectable capacitorless output for fast analog programming or quick recovery current-mode operation.
  • User selectable fast or conventional modes of operation. Use fast-mode for rapid response to programmed instructions or for quick response in current mode to load changes.
  • Voltage and current modes with full and equal control over the output in both modes.
  • Multi-terminal user port allows the ATE to be configured by arranging the jumpers on a mating plug, PC-12.
  • Full zeroing and full-scale calibration for both the voltage and current control channels.
  • Programmable overvoltage crowbar. Can be manually set from the panel or programmed with a 0-10V analog signal.
  • Optically isolated input-output to interconnect multiple power supplies.
  • Uncommitted amplifiers to manipulate arbitrary control signals into the required 0-10V needed to program ATE. Two provided. Can be used for scaling and summing.
  • Digital control through SN-series IEEE-488 interfaces.

SERIES MSK Link to associated quotation page

MSK Series Power Supply photo

MSK bench-top power supplies: Linear power supplies (five models, 100 Watts) with a high gain linear (series pass) stabilizer circuit for low noise output, good stability, and accurate resettability.

  • 10-turn voltage and current controls for exceptional resolution.
  • Remote programming by variable resistance.
  • Voltage and current mode operation with automatic crossover.
  • Voltage and current may be pre-set off-line.
  • Linear low noise stabilizer.

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KLP/KLR Power Supply Photo

KLP bench-top power supply: voltage, current and power-limited operating boundaries, 1200 Watts

  • GPIB & isolated analog controls standard on all models.
  • LAN control optional, replaces standard RS 232 interface.
  • VXI plug&play, LabView and IVI-COM drivers.
  • Control via web browser using LAN interface.
  • True 1U height - full power operation with no spacing between units.
  • Wide range a-c input with active PFC.
  • Optional Rapid Output Discharge Circuit (RODC)

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KLN Series Photo

KLN bench-top power supply: Low-profile, automatic crossover, high-performance, low-cost, stable programmable d-c power, 750, 1500, 3000 Watts

  • 1U, Half Rack (750W)
  • 1U, Full Rack (1500W)
  • 2U, Full Rack (3000W)
  • Analog and RS 485 programming of voltage, current and their limits
  • GPIB or LAN Interface optional
  • Speed controlled fan for low acoustic noise
  • 39 Models from 0-6V to 0-600V up to 400A
  • CE Mark


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