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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Waterfront International Enterprises - Liaoning Province (north of North Korea)

For something completely different and wonderful, try Waterfront International Enterprises (40-09 Prince St. Flushing 718-321-1363). Be prepared for a sequel to the Katz's Delicatessen scene from "When Harry Met Sally." (Remember "I'll have what she's having."? Meg Ryan eat your heart out.) The mixed sweet dish (chunks of taro, sweet potato, and apples in hot sugar candy syrup that are plunged into cold water at the table to form a cold, candy apple like shell around hot, sweet centers) induced moaning that was no act. The food is from the Liaoning Province (north of North Korea). Everything we have had here has been great but unlike any other Chinese food we ever tried. We have enjoyed Jelly fish with scallions, Crispy fried pork with orange flavor, crispy lamb with chili pepper (crusted with whole cumin seeds), Dried tofu with fresh chilies and Country style green bean sheet (nothing like what it sounds like; cold sesame noodles but with fetticine like, translucent noodles, shrimp, pork and shredded cucumber like vegetable). If you are really lucky, you can get some of the buns that the kitchen staff makes for themselves. The buns are a deep fried bread stuffed with minced pork and something like sour cabbage. Many visits will required to even scratch the surface of the huge menu. Soups, dumplings and a wide variety of noodles were being savored by other diners who looked very happy. This food will really warm you from the inside out.


Anonymous said...

Two members of our party contracted a serious form of food poisoning, camphlobacteria, after eating at this restaurant. It induced moaning of a significantly different tenor. This bacteria is the result of eating undercooked chicken or even coming in contact with juieces of raw chicken. So either the food was not cooked thouroughly or the place is filthy--I believe that either is a possibility.

Mon Feb 20, 03:53:44 PM EST  

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