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Kepco Power Solutions
Great Company!
KEPCO, INC. designs and manfactures well-regulated DC power supplies and associated electronic equipment. For over 50 years, Kepco has earned a reputation for consistently supplying our customers with the highest quality products. Always on the fast track, our designs have pioneered the development of the modern power supply. All products manufactured by Kepco are backed by a tradition of service that helps customers achieve reliable solutions to their power supply needs.

KEPCO serves global markets with products that meet the most demanding requirements with customers as diverse as the world of electronics, spanning commercial and military markets. Our instrument products are found in automatic test equipment, avionics, aerospace, experimental electronics and high energy physics applications. KEPCO's modular power supplies are used extensively in data communications, telecommunications, information technology and industrial electronics.

Learn more about about Kepco from this feature by Made in NYC, an organization dedicated to supporting a vibrant manufacturing sector in New York City.

This video is a factory tour of Kepco Inc. in Flushing, Queens produced by Made in NYC.
A family owned business for 68 years, Kepco Inc. is a true Made In NYC business.

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