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HSF 300W/600W/1200W/1500W Metered Photo HSF 300W/600W/1200W/1500W in rack Photo
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • User configurable
    • multi-output 3U power rack for up to (6) 150W modules, (8) 50W or 100W modules, or (4) 300W, 600W, or 1200W/1500W modules in a rack, as well as many combinations within a rack and the ability to parallel racks for added power.
    • multi-output 1U power rack for up to (4) 50, 100 or 150 watt modules, as well as many combinations within a rack and the ability to connect racks in parallel or series for added power or redundancy.
    • For example, the 1500W models with the RA 19-4C Rack Adapter can be configured as two N+1 redundant systems of 1500W each, a single N+1 system of up to 4500W, or a single parallel combination producing up to 6000 watts of d-c. Built-in current balancing and OR-ing diodes allow all these configurations. Two similarly populated racks could be connected in parallel for a 6000W redundant system, or the racks could be connected in series to increase voltage (500V d-c max.).
  • Front panel meter optional feature (300W, 600W, 1200W/1500W Models only).
  • Parallel for N+1 redundancy.
  • Or-ing diodes built in.
  • Local voltage control trimming from front panel.
  • Remote voltage control of 300W, 600W, 1200W/1500W modules via trimpot or voltage source.
  • Remote ON/OFF of 300W, 600W, 1200W/1500W modules using either an external power source (voltage applied to RC terminals) or by mechanical or logical closure of a contact (without external power source). (Available as an option for 50W, 100W and 150W HSF-PFC and HSF-1UR models; contact factory for details.)
  • Individual current monitor (Available as an option for 50W, 100W and 150W HSF-PFC and HSF-1UR models and for 300W, 600W and 1200/1500 HSF models; contact factory for details.)
  • Peak Current capability on 24V models of -PFC Series (50W, 100W and 150W) and -1UR Series (50W and 150W) for motor-start or other applications requiring brief current surge; these 24V models include thermal protection.
  • Flexible input power distribution. Two separate source power input connections are routed to separate units of a redundant pair, one powering slots 1 and 3, the other for slots 2 and 4. Non-standard options such as powering all slots from a single connector, or power slots 1 and 2 from one connector and 3 and 4 from the other are available. Contact factory for details.
  • Plug-in construction. Easy mount and dismount.
  • Keyed construction to prevent incorrect module placement. The HSF are keyed according to their voltage rating. When the corresponding rack adapter key (pin) is installed by a user, only an HSF of the correct voltage can be inserted into the keyed slot.
  • Built-in EMI filter attenuates the conducted noise below the requirements of both FCC and VDE 0871 for Class B computing devices.
  • Separate remote error sense terminals: (all except 1200W/1500W models) to compensate for voltage drop of connecting wires
  • Forced current share is used to configure an N+1 system. When the current share bus of paralleled HSF are connected together, the load current divides equally. If one unit fails, the remaining units will divide the load equally among themselves and continue to supply uninterrupted current to a critical load. The failed unit is isolated by built-in or-ing diodes.
  • Built-in alarm relay provides either normally open (close on failure) or normally closed (open on failure) contacts that may be used to provide an external failure indication. 300W, 600W and 1200W/1500W modules also have a logic alarm signal (±PF) that performs the same function.
  • 24 pin connector used to obtain mains power and provide output via corresponding mating connector in the rack adapter.
  • Reset Button (300W, 600W and 1200W/1500W units only) to restore the output if the unit shuts down after sensing an over- or undervoltage condition, thermal overload, or fan malfunction.
  • Safety: Designed to meet UL: 60950; CSA:C22.2 60950; TUV: EN60950 (a-c input only).
  • CE Mark: Units are CE marked per the Low Voltage Directive (LVD),73/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC.
  • UL 8750: Compliant with UL 8750, Standard for LED Equipment.
  • Bellcore Requirements: Designed to meet NEBS GR-63-CORE. Certification passed: RA 19-6B with six HSF 150W units tested per GR-63-CORE, Level 4 (Earthquake and office vibration). A video (MPG, file size 13.5M) of the NEBS GR-63-CORE earthquake and office vibration testing is available for viewing. A zip file (file size 12.1M) containing the MPG video can also be downloaded for off-line viewing.

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