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Kepco Power Solutions
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KDN Series: 24V/20A (left), 24V/10A and 24V/5A

KDN 50W (left), 30W, 15W and 10W Series

Kepco's KDN Series are low cost, UL 508 listed, DIN-Rail mounted power supplies. The series consists of three 24-Volt output models rated at 5, 10 and 20 Amps.

The KDN Series offer 90-264 V a-c input with PFC, 23.5-28 Volt adjustment range and a 120% peak current capability for up to one minute with no forced air cooling required.

Kepco has also introduced the DIN-rail KDA 24 Series Alarm modules, designed to monitor two 24V power supplies and provide an alarm indication (both visual and Form "C" relay) when voltage is not within a preset range. The KDA 24R models contain built-in blocking (also called ORing or isolation) diodes needed for parallel-redundant configurations. KDA 24A is designed to monitor two independent power supplies; it includes neither blocking diodes nor reverse protection diodes.

Full KDA specifications are found in the KDA Operator manual available for free download.

Features of KDA apply to models other than KDN - they can be used with any 24V supply up to 30 Amps. Higher currents (up to 55A) can be accommodated as well by using both KDA channels in parallel, however this requires OR'ing (blocking) diodes if not already present in the power supply. KDA may be chassis mounted using four 4-40 screws if DIN rail mounting is not needed.

KDA 24A and KDA 24R relay contacts can be used to initiate external load disconnection for an alarm condition (both overvoltage and undervoltage, not one or the other). The OVP flag can be used to initiate external load disconnection for an overvoltage condition. Once overvoltage/undervoltage alarm setting adjustments are made they are retained within 1%.

KDA 24A and KDA 24R can provide on-off control of power supplies having RC (remote control) terminals which respond to mechanical contact closure. This means that the power supply will be on while the bus voltage is between the overvoltage/undervoltage alarm setting of the KDA. If the bus goes out of range, the KDA relay opens, turning the power supply off. This feature works with RKW Programmable (300W, 600W and 1500W), RKE (1500W), HSF (300W, 600W and 1500W), HSP (1000W and 1500W).


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