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3"x5" Footprint,
40W Model, KRW 351KV

Series KRW photo
NOTE: KRW Series are no longer available.
For Models KRW 350KV, KRW 351KV and KRW 352KV please consult factory for replacement suggestions.
Series KRW are triple-output PC card style power supplies producing 40 watts. They are built on a 3" x 5" card with a maximum component height of 1.187" (30.1mm). The KRW models are ideal for terminals, displays and instruments where space is at a premium. All units feature a wide range a-c input and are certified to all applicable UL/CSA/TÜV safety standards. The input is filtered to FCC Class B for conducted EMI.

The outputs provided are +5V combined with either ±12V or ±15V. The KRW 352KV model features a +3.3V principal output to power the new low-voltage logic.

Since the three outputs share a common switch, transformer and control, users have a wide latitude in loading two of the three outputs relative to one another. (The -V 3 output uses a 3-terminal voltage stabilizer). The curves illustrate how the unused power from one output may, within limits, be utilized from the other output.

The ratings are for still air. In confined locations, or with the available enclosures, it is advisable to provide moving air as an aid for cooling. Cable kits are available to mate with the input and output connectors. KRW are also DIN rail mountable

KRW are CE Marked per the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), EN60950.


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