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Kepco Series RA 19 Rack Adapters are specifically designed for the installation of Kepco's Series HSF hot swap power supplies into 19-inch EIA standard equipment racks.

Kepco Series RA 19-(X)B
Rack Adapter, Unpopulated
RA 19-(X)B Rack Adapter
5 Year Warranty CE MARK CSA MARK   UL Logo

Common RA 19 features

  • Individual racks may also be connected in parallel or series. Allow redundancy between power supplies contained within the rack as well between identically populated racks.
  • Optional accessories for installation in 23-inch or 24-inch racks.
  • Filler panels are available to fill unused slots.
  • Fixed power and signal connections at rear panel.
  • Internal PCB back plate interfaces directly with HSF power and signal connectors permitting hot swappable insertion and extraction.
  • User-configurable keying ensures only correct power supply can be installed in keyed slot.
  • Accomodates independent HSF open-on-fail or close-on-fail alarm configurations. 300W, 600W, and 1200W/1500W modules also have a logic alarm signal (±PF) that performs the same function.
  • User-configurable for parallel, series, or independent power supply operation.
Kepco RA 19-1U Rack Adapter
RA 19-1U Rack Adapter

RA 19-1U features

  • For 1U size HSF-1UR 50W, 100W or 150W power supplies (1/4 rack)
  • Certified to UL 60950-1, 1st Edition, 2007-10-31 (Information Technology Equipment - Safety - Part 1: General Requirements) and CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-03, 1st Edition, 2006-07 (Information Technology Equipment - Safety - Part 1: General Requirements).
  • CE marked per the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), 2006/95/EC (LVD) and 2004/108/EC (EMC). [The standards do not apply with either DC input operation or with a-c input frequency above 66Hz.]
  • RoHS 5 of 6 compliant to EU directive 2011/65/EU if used as component within telecommunication systems.
Kepco RA 19-4C Rack Adapter
HSF 1200W/1500W

RA 19-4C features

  • For 3U (Series HSF) power supplies.
  • Features two setbacks to accommodate both swing racks and limited depth applications.
  • Configuration options available
    • Output euroblocks
    • Output studs
    • Two outputs in parallel
    • Four in parallel

Six 1/6 rack HSF-PFC modules shown in
Kepco's Series RA 19-6B Rack Adapter.
HSF 1200W/1500W

RA 19-(X)B features

  • For Kepco 3U 50W, 100W, 150W (Series HSF-PFC)
  • RA 19-(X)B models are recognized by UL and CSA.
  • RA 19-6B for 3U 150 Watt HSF-PFC (or HSF) power supplies (1/6 rack)
  • RA 19-8B for 3U 50 Watt or 100 Watt HSF-PFC (or HSF) power supplies (1/8 rack)
  • RA 19-7B for a mix of the 3U 1/6 and 1/8 rack sizes
  • RA 19-6B Rack Adapter and HSF 150W Series Power Modules have been tested and deemed compliant with the requirements for physical protection of Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) for earthquake zone 4 per GR-63-CORE, including both damage resistance and functional performance requirements. This means that the power assembly suffered no physical damage as a result of the testing and provided full specified performance both during and after exposure to the test environment.

RA 19 Rack Adapters are CE Marked per the LVD, EMC and RoHS 2 Directives. See applicable Declaration of Conformity.


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