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This form breaks down the critical parameters of Kepco's EL Series to assist you in getting the right model for your needs. Taking the time to understand how your test requirements affect these parameters will ensure that the model recommended by our Application Engineers is the right one for the job. Don't forget that up to 16 of these units can be paralleled and stacked (one master, 15 slaves) for requirements that exceed the capabilities of a single unit. Performance in terms of Watts per $ (Value)  is unmatched.

Please fill out the form as completely as possible (See Kepco's Privacy statement.). If you need help you can call Kepco's Application Engineers for assistance at 718-461-7006, or use the form below to indicate which area you're not sure about and we will get back to you.

NOTE: All load parameters are adjustable from 0 to full scale.
1. Maximum Power: This is maximum Power that you ever expect the load to dissipate.
2. Maximum Current:  This is the most current (in Amperes) you ever expect to draw with one load module.
3. Maximum Voltage:  This is the maximum voltage the load will ever see  (Open Circuit voltage).
4. Maximum Current @ Minimum Voltage: Enter the lowest expected operating voltage (Volts) and the simultaneous maximum operating current (Amperes). Max Current:
Min Voltage:
5. Maximum Current at Maximum Voltage. Enter the maximum operating current (Amperes) at maximum operating voltage (Volts) you expect to have simultaneously. NOTE: If the product of these two numbers (see Watts at the right) exceeds the Maximum Power in step 1 above, then go back and increase the Maximum Power to the next highest selectable wattage.
Max Amps:
Max Volts:
6. Dynamic Testing. Will you require any dynamic testing such as pulse, sine, triangle waveforms to produce a test plan of varying power to be applied to your device? If YES, proceed to 6a, 6b, and 6c.
  6a. Waveform Type. Select Waveform type.
  6b. Maximum Frequency. Enter waveform frequency in Hz.
  6c. Rise and Fall Time. Enter rise and fall time requirements in mSec. Rise Time:
Fall Time:
7. Computer Control. Do you need computer control? If YES, proceed to 7a.
  7a. Interface. Select the computer interface needed.
8. Project Name:
9. Project Timing: When do you need delivery?
10. Quantity: If you need more than 5000 watts then you may stack multiple power loads. Any load can be stacked with any other load as master and slave. Up to 15 slaves may be connected. Please estimate the number of loads you will need based on your planned usage and maximum power that will be needed. If your plan requires individual loads as well as multiple loads stacked from time to time then you may "break them apart" and use them separately. For quantity discounts please use Application Information box to indicate models, quantities and delivery requirements (if known). (Required)
11. Application Information. Please give us an idea of your application and any special needs. If you wish to have your configuration assembled and tested at the factory, please let us know.
Portable Power Supply Tester Includes One EL Load and one Rack Adapter packaged in a shock and water resistant wheeled transit case. Allows testing of plug-in modular power supplies under load.

Select Rack Adapter:
None Selected
RA 19-4C for testing 3U HSF-PFC modules
RA 19-1U for testing 1U HSF--1UR modules
RA 60 for testing HSP modules
RA 55 for testing MST modules
Other - Indicate preferred rack adapter below
Preferred Rack Adapter:
Portable Electronic Load Includes One EL Load packaged in a shock and water resistant wheeled transit case. Allows load to be safely moved to equipment to be tested rather than having to transport equipment to central location.
Source Power Cable
Kepco P/N 118-1234
Connects IEC 320-style power inlet connector with integral fuse holder to 115V a-c via molded US line cord using 18AWG three-conductor jacketed cable. Insulation rating of 300 Volts for 115VAC input voltage with polarized mating plug: 3 Amperes, 1 meter long.
Kepco P/N CS 06
Includes pair of slides that allow unit to slide out of rack.
RJ 22 Master/Slave cable, 1 ft.
Kepco P/N 118-1245
Daisy chains Series EL loads with the same voltage for parallel configurations.
RJ 22 Master/Slave cable, 2 ft.
Longer length accomodates slides
Kepco P/N 118-1454
Daisy chains Series EL loads with the same voltage for parallel configurations.
Side Support Bracket
Kepco P/N 128-1775
Pair required. Used to provide side support for EL Load. Requires rear rail at 18-13/16 in. setback.
Required information is indicated in BOLD type.
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Telephone No.:
FAX No.:
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