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SERIES BHK-MG Link to associated quotation pageCE Logo

Full Rack (200W and Half Rack (40W) Series BHK-MG Power Supplies photo

High voltage (0-300V, 0-500V, 0-1000V, 0-2000V, linear, voltage-current stabilizers with rectangular (automatic crossover) output characteristic.

  • Two sizes: half-rack 40 watts, full-rack 200 watts.
  • FET output stage.
  • Conventional filtering or fast response.
  • Fast analog programming mode.
  • Rapid recovery current mode in fast mode.
  • Local control from panel-mounted keypad.
  • Built-in GPIB, IEEE 488.2, 12 bits.
  • Built-in RS 232 (except BHK 300-0.8MG; contact Kepco if this feature required)
  • Support for SCPI language.
  • 2-line 16 character LCD display.
  • Full read back of voltage and current on the bus.
  • Increased resolution and accuracy (x10) for reading small current.
  • Versatile output on/off port (40 watt model).
  • Extensive Protection circuitry

SERIES BOP VXI Logo Link to associated quotation page CE Logo UL LISTED MARK

BOP 100W, 200W, 400W Series Power Supplies with Digital Meters Photo

Bipolar d-c power, 100, 200, 400 Watts, from 0 - 20V to 0 - 100V (0 - 200V for 200W model)

  • Full 4-quadrant operation
  • Source and sink 100% of their current rating.
  • Separate control circuits for voltage and current with automatic crossover to current and voltage limits.
  • Zeroable preamplifier available for scaling and summing external signals.
  • NEW flagOption to drive capacitive loads up to 10mF
  • NEW flagOption to drive magnets up to 1 Henry
  • Optional digital displays.
  • Optional BIT 4886 provides 16-bit IEEE 488.2 talk- listen control with SCPI support.
  • NEW flag Optional BIT 802E provides ethernet control either through a web page or by using SCPI commands via Telnet.
  • Optional BIT TMA-27 connect BOP to Kepco's single-address multiple instrument serial bus for long range (>300m) control from IEEE 488.2, RS 232 or VXI-based hosts.
  • Optional BIT 488B or BIT 488D offer listen-only GPIB support in binary or Hex format.

SERIES ATE-DMG Link to associated quotation page UL LISTED MARK CE Logo

ATE Series Power Supplies with Digital Meters Photo

Linear low-noise power supplies from 0 - 6V to 0 - 150V. Respond very quickly and precisely to voltage and current setting instructions from either GPIB (IEEE 488.2) or front panel keypad.

  • Linear control for low noise: 100 micro-volts typical in voltage mode
  • High precision: 0.0005% source effect {regulation} in voltage mode.
  • Voltage and current control with equivalent performance.
  • High speed mode allows fast-recovery current-controlled stabilization into a varying load.
  • Overvoltage and overcurrent settings individually programmed by the front panel keypad or remotely by the bus with a programmable delay to allow for reactive-load transients.
  • Overvoltage crowbar to protect sensitive loads.
  • Non-volatile storage of programmed sequences or active settings.
  • Full talk-listen control from a GPIB (IEEE 488-2) using SCPI language.
  • Master-slave series and parallel operation to provide increased capability.
  • Local control: Front panel keypad entries are used for setting and adjusting the output. The keypad can be used to execute commands directly or to introduce a program to be run later or cycled.

SERIES JQE Link to associated quotation pageCE Logo

JQE Series Quarter-rack, Half-rack and Full Rack sizes

Systems-type voltage stabilizers with current limiting, from 0 - 6V to 0 - 150V.

  • 100 watts in a 1/4-rack package, 250-500 watts in a 1/2-rack package, and 1000 watts in a full-rack package.
  • 10 turn voltage control for exceptional resolution.
  • Analog output control by resistance: 1000W/Volt; or by a voltage delivering 0-1mA.
  • Digital listen only control using SN-series digital interfaces.
  • Current limited, front panel control (not programmable) 10%-105% Io max.
  • JQE can control current with an external current-sense resistor.

SERIES MST Link to associated quotation page CE Logo UL LISTED MARK

MST Series Power Supplies in RA 55 Rack Adapter

High density voltage/current stabilizers, from 0 - 6V to 0 - 270V. Up to nine 200-watt plug-in power supplies in a 4U housing.

  • Switch-mode conversion, linear post regulator.
  • Wide range a-c input: 88-264V a-c with built-in power factor correction (PFC).
  • Forced current sharing for N+1 redundancy connection.
  • Series connection of 150V models allow output to 500V.
  • Polarity reversal relays provide 2-quadrant operation.


SERIES BOP-HV Link to associated quotation page CE Logo UL LISTED MARK

BOP-HV (High Voltage) Series Power Supply Photo

Bipolar d-c power, up to 500V or 1000V, 40 Watts.

  • Linear 4-quadrant operation.
  • FET output stage.
  • Preamplifiers for summing and scaling arbitrary input signals.
  • Wide bandwidth.
  • Voltage and current stabilization with automatic crossover to current and voltage limits.
  • Remote programming of voltage, current or both channels by external analog volage.
  • Kepco's SN 488 Digital Programmer facilitates digital programming via GPIB interface.

SERIES BOP HIGH POWER Link to associated quotation page CE Logo 1KW High Power BOP Power Supply Photo UL LISTED MARK

Bipolar power, d-c, 1KW, from 0 - 6V to 0 - 100V

  • Connect units in series/parallel for increased voltage/current
  • Source & sink, 4 quadrant operation.
  • Fast analog programming.
  • Precision stabilization: 0.001% source, 0.002% load.
  • Digital programming.
  • Built-in arbitrary waveform generator.

SERIES KLP Link to associated quotation pageCE Logo

KLP/KLR Power Supply Photo

Voltage, current and power-limited operating boundaries, 1200 Watts, from 0 - 10V to 0 - 600V

  • GPIB & isolated analog controls standard on all models.
  • LAN control optional, replaces standard RS 232 interface.
  • VXI plug&play, LabView and IVI-COM drivers.
  • Control via web browser using LAN interface.
  • True 1U height - full power operation with no spacing between units.
  • Wide range a-c input with active PFC.

SERIES KLR Link to associated quotation pageCE Logo

KLP/KLR Power Supply Photo

Automatic crossover, 1U high, 2400-watt voltage/current stabilizers, from 0 - 20V to 0 - 300V

  • Rectangular output
  • GPIB and RS 232 standard
  • Optional: GPIB and LAN for control via web browser
  • External analog programmable
  • Input 200-240V a-c
  • 19 in. x 1U
  • RODC circuit (Option R) rapidly discharges output capacitance, significantly reducing response time to reductions in output voltage.
  • Wide range a-c input with active PFC.

SERIES KLN Product is RoHS compliant LXI Logo Link to associated quotation pageCE Logo

KLN Series Photo

Automatic crossover, low-profile, high-performance, low-cost, programmable, from 0 - 6V to 0 - 600V

  • Constant Voltage/Constant Current with automatic crossover
  • Switch mode topology for cool, efficient operation, speed control fan for low noise operation
  • RS 485 and isolated analog programming included on all models
  • Optional LAN interface (E suffix models)
  • Optional GPIB interface (G suffix models)
  • 1/2 rack, 1U panel height at 750 watts
  • Full rack, 1U panel height at 1500 watts
  • Full rack, 2U panel height at 3000 watts
  • Front to back air flow allows full power operation without spacers between supplies
  • Wide-range a-c input, 100-240V a-c, 50/60Hz with PFC
  • Up to 5 units in parallel and 2 units in series, equipped with active current sharing.
  • CE Mark approved.
  • Approved to LXI Version 1.4, Device Specification 2011

SERIES ATE Link to associated quotation page UL LISTED MARK CE Logo

ATE Series Power Supplies with Analog and Digital Meters

Precision analog-controlled power supplies, 50 100, 250, 500, 1000 Watts, from 0 - 6V to 0 - 150V (325V for 250W model)

  • Linear programmable power in five sizes to 1000 watts.
  • Ultra low noise and ultra low ripple, high speed linear precision control.
  • Voltage and current stabilization, high gain and zeroable offsets
  • 10 turn panel controls offer exceptional resolution.
  • User-selectable capacitorless output for fast analog programming or quick recovery current-mode operation.
  • Optional Fast-mode for rapid response to programmed instructions or for quick response in current mode to load changes.
  • Full zeroing and full-scale calibration for both the voltage and current control channels.
  • Programmable overvoltage crowbar.
  • Uncommitted amplifiers to manipulate arbitrary control signals into the required 0-10V needed to program ATE. Two provided. Can be used for scaling and summing.

SERIES PRM Link to associated quotation pageCE Logo

PRM Series Ferroresonant Power Supplies

Modular ferroresonant voltage stabilizers with source-isolated, overload-protected output, 60W, 120W, 180W, 280W, 300W, 450W. 1 Output (fixed): 5/ 8/ 12/ 15/ 21/ 24/ 26/ 28/ 36/ 48/ 60/ 120/ 240V d-c.

  • Low cost, highly dependable
  • Extraordinary isolation from a wide variety of source noise.
  • D-c output is inherently short-circuit proof, cannot expose delicate loads to over-voltage hazards: no crowbar, fuses, or bounding circuits needed.
  • No noise-producing switches or oscillators.
  • Voltage setting is independent of delicate control settings or diode references, and requires no comparators, references, or limiters.
  • Efficiency is 65-75%.
  • Custom volt-ampere combinations, consult factory.


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