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Kepco has introduced options to the standard 100W, 200W, 400W, and 1KW BOP Magnet Power Supply models for driving magnets and other inductive loads.

The L Option (for 100W, 200W and 400W) make the BOP Magnet Power Supplies more suitable for a wide variety of applications such as motor testing, testing of magnetic components (coils, speakers, etc.), industrial applications with inductive loads, driving CRT coils, cryogenic applications and powering correcting magnets for medical imaging applications or particle accelerators.

The GL Series for BOP 1KW Magnet Power Supplies has been optimized for exceptionally low current ripple and noise and improved stability (drift and temperature), making them ideal for driving inductive loads such as large magnets or motors. These bipolar power supplies pass smoothly through zero without switching to provide true ± voltage and ± current.

1KW -GL High Power BOP Power Supply PhotoBOP 1KW GL Series High Power
Magnet Power Supply
  • Source & sink, 4 quadrant operation.
  • Fast analog programming.
  • Optimized for very low ripple, noise and temperature stability in current mode.
  • Precision stabilization: 0.001% source, 0.002% load.
  • Digital programming.
  • Built-in arbitrary waveform generator.
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BOP 100W,, 200W, 400W Series Power Supplies with Digital Meters PhotoNEW FlagOption L (Inductive Load) for BOP Magnet Power Supplies
(all 100W, 200W and 400W models)
  • Operate in Current or Current Limit Mode for loads up to 1 Henry.
  • Also stable with any R-L series load combination.
  • Optional digital displays.
  • Optional BIT 4886 provides 16-bit IEEE 488.2 talk- listen control with SCPI support.
  • NEW flagOptional BIT 802E provides ethernet control either through a web page or by using SCPI commands via Telnet.
  • Isolated analog control standard on all models.
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BOP-HV (High Voltage) Series Power Supply PhotoBOP HV (High Voltage) Power Supply
  • Bipolar d-c power, 40 Watts.
  • Up to 500V or 1000V
  • Linear 4-quadrant operation.
  • FET output stage.
  • Preamplifiers for summing and scaling arbitrary input signals.
  • Wide bandwidth.
  • Voltage and current stabilization with automatic crossover to current and voltage limits.
  • Remote programming of voltage, current or both channels by external analog volage.
  • Kepco's SN 488 Digital Programmer facilitates digital programming via GPIB interface.

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