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Counterfeit Parts Risk Mitigation Policy

Kepco, Inc. recognizes that the counterfeiting of components is a serious problem and affects the worldwide economy. There has been an increasingly growing threat and negative impact on supply chains. The impact of counterfeit parts cannot be understated - these parts adversely affect the U.S. supply chain by greater costs to companies having to mitigate the risk, replace failed parts, lost sales and lost brand value, as well as damage to the business image. To customers, it means failed products, lower reliability and safety concerns.

Kepco is committed to provide high quality products on which our customers may rely. In that endeavor, it is our policy and commitment of Kepco, Inc. to ensure that counterfeit parts are not used in the manufacture of Kepco products.

We purchase components directly from:

  • Manufacturer Direct (OCM)
  • Manufacturers Authorized Distributor
  • Manufacturers Approved Agent/Rep
  • OEM Bonded Inventories
On occasion, hard-to-find or obsolete components may not be available from these primary sources. In these instances Kepco will purchase from sources which provide the least risk. The situation may necessitate sourcing of components through brokers or independent distributors - in these cases, Kepco will verify the parts through testing internally or by outside agencies.

The performance of our approved vendors is continuously monitored, internally, by Kepco, in addition to auditing by outside agencies, in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards. We continuously update ourselves on the latest secure trends the market has to offer in our on-going efforts to ensure that counterfeit parts are not used in the manufacture of Kepco products.

Download Counterfeit Parts Risk Mitigation Policy.


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