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The Rapid Output Discharge Circuit (RODC) option (suffix R) is available on all KLP models. This circuit rapidly discharges the output capacitance, thus significantly reducing response time to reductions in output voltage.

The circuit consists of a voltage detector that compares the programmed and actual values of output voltage. The discharge circuit is activated only when the actual voltage exceeds the programmed value.

Without the RODC circuit, discharge of the total output capacitance (internal and external) is achieved through a combination of the external load resistance and an internal current sink. For high load resistance or open circuit conditions at the output, response time (fall time) can vary from milliseconds to seconds depending upon the magnitude of the high-to-low voltage transition.

With the RODC option, output fall time is reduced to approximately the same value as rise time, even with external capacitance equal to 50% of the nominal internal output capacitance. The table below illustrates the typical performance improvement that can be expected with an open circuit output.

KLP Rapid Output Discharge Circuit
Improvement in Output Response Time
Model Number Nominal Internal Output
Capacitance (CO)
Test Voltage Maximum Fall Time @ 1.5 x CO
without RODC with RODC (1)
KLP 10-150 (2) 28600 F 10V 600 msec 30 msec
KLP 20-120 (2) 13000 F 20V 675 msec 30 msec
KLP 36-60 (2) 7280 F 36V 1460 msec 30 msec
KLP 75-33 (2) 5600 F 75V 3690 msec 25 msec
KLP 150-16 (2) 2200 F 150V 8940 msec 30 msec
KLP 300-8 (2) 550 F 300V 8720 msec 26 msec
KLP 600-4 (2) 118 F 600V 6500 msec 33 msec
(1) Values shown assume that an external capacitance of 1/2 value of CO is connected across the output terminals.
(2) Specifications listed apply to both standard and E Series models.

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