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All APH models are out of stock and no longer in production.
Kepco's 40 Watt BHK-MG Series is the replacement recommended for all APH models.
  • High voltage programmable output.
  • 20 watts output power.
  • Voltage and current stabilization.
  • Analog programmable 0-5V input for voltage, 0-1V for current.
  • Low noise linear control using a high voltage vacuum tube.
  • 10-turn panel controls offer exceptional resolution.
  • Large output and feedback capacitors in the APH high voltage power supplies provide the noise reduction and energy storage needed for stabilizing voltages with a rapidly changing current load. Built-in current sensing and control provide precision current stabilization.
  • The voltage rheostat controls an operational pre-amplifier which produces a 0-5V d-c signal to drive a fixed-gain voltage amplifier. For external control an external 0-5V, 1mA signal can substitute for the signal produced by the preamplifier. To use an external signal with a different range, it can be put through the uncommitted ampliŽer, which will scale any signal to the 0-5V range. The uncommitted amplifier can be precisely zeroed.
  • The current rheostat controls current as a differential comparator using a 0-1V analog of the output current. A separate circuit is provided for external control with a 0-1V signal.
  • Full zeroing and calibrating facilities are provided in both the voltage and the current control channels for compatibility with the Kepco SN series digital programming interfaces. The SN digital controllers may be used for the APH 500M and APH 1000M only. SN controllers may be used with model APH 2000M if operated plus-common (negative output) only.

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