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BS 5750/ISO 9001 A general set of requirements, applicable to the control of management of an organization, regardless if the product or service being provided. BS 5750/ISO 9001 is not a product approval.

ISO 9001 is an international standard defining the contents of an organization's Quality Management System. BS 5750 and EN 29000 are its British and European equivalents.

Accreditation Accreditation is the status awarded to certification bodies. It denotes that they themselves have been examined and approved by accreditation councils to assess companies in specific industry sectors. It proves they have the necessary professionalism and expertise to conduct the assessment and generates additional purchaser confidence. For this reason, accredited certification holds greater commercial value and integrity than non-accredited approval. Kepco's ISO 9001 certification has been approved by an accredited certification body.

Certification Companies which achieve ISO 9001 approval are known as 'approved,' 'registered' or 'certified' companies. It is the certification body which is accredited to do work and this is indicated on the approval certificate it issues. Certification results from a satisfactory assessment, against the requirements of the standard in line with a defined scope of business activity.

Quality Management System The Quality Management System is the system utilized by an organization to manage its processes and to ensure compliance with its policies.

Quality Policy The quality policy describes the aims of the organization relevant to quality, which are documented and understood by all personnel.


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