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8 MST-MH's in RA 55-H mainframe
rack with controller (typical)

MST's in RA 55 rack are 66000A replacement

MST-MH Power Supplies provide solutions for extending the life of Automated Test Systems without the need to rewrite and re-validate Test Program Sets (TPS). MST-MH's are drop-in replacements with matching connectors and lugs. No need to perform labor intensive rewiring. MST-MH are two-quadrant constant voltage/constant current power supplies with programmable polarity/disconnect switching relays built-in,

The systems are configurable using the RA 55-H mainframe rack with a plug in controller (MST 488-27H) and additonal slots for up to eight 200 watt power modules. The controller includes functions that accept test programs with commands for other power supplies. The RA 55-H rack comes with wiring adapters that allow use of existing wiring.

Additional RA 55-H mainframes may be added to allow up to 27 channels of MST power supplies.

The RA 55-H comes with standard IEEE 488 and RS 232 ports. Ethernet (LAN) and USB ports are optional.

MST-MH's are compatible with Kepco's MAT and MBT families of power supplies. Each of these families of power supplies are characterized as a digitally-controlled, fast voltage and current stabilized d-c source with a sharp crossover between the voltage and current modes of operation.

The MST modules plug in from the front and may be unplugged and removed without shutting down the entire power system. N+1 redundancy is provided with forced current sharing when like modules are mounted together and wired in parallel. Eight different modules are offered from a 0-6V/20A unit to a 0-150V/1.2A rating. Each module is equipped with internal load disconnect relays and polarity reversal relays. Series configurations allow for higher voltages.

Each module contains a single address, multiple instrument serial port. It is a 2-wire serial bus operating at 375KHz that can address as many as 27 separate modules of either the MST, MAT or MBT design. This bus can interface directly to a PC or to a GPIB controller.

0:00 / 7:22 Comparison of MST-MH power supplies to Agilent/Keysight/HP 66000A Series

When replacing Keysight/Agilent/HP 66000A Series, compare Kepco's MST-MH with Keysight N6700.

(V d-c)
Maximum (A d-c)
(mV p-p)
(mV p-p)
100% Load
120V a-c
45C 55C 65C Souce
200 WATT PLUG-IN MODELS(1) A-C Input: 90 - 264V a-c, 47 - 63 Hz)
MST 6-20MH 0 - 6 20 16 12 2.5 5 50 51
MST 15-12MH 0 - 15 12 9.6 7.2 5 10 100 61
MST 25-8MH 0 - 25 8 6.4 4.8 5 10 100 62
MST 36-5MH 0 - 36 5 4.0 3.0 5 10 100 63
MST 55-3.5MH 0 - 55 3.5 2.8 2.1 5 10 100 64
MST 75-2.5MH 0 - 75 2.5 2.0 1.5 7.5 15 150 64
MST 100-2MH 0 - 100 2.0 1.6 1.2 7.5 15 150 66
MST 150-1.2MH 0 - 150 1.2 1.0 0.7 7.5 20 200 66
(1) Requires Rack Adapter RA 55-H.

Background: The demands to extend the useful lives of defense and aerospace platforms decades beyond their original design life expectancy creates real challenges. For example, B-52's that were first flown in 1955, are now planned to be used until 2040. The Automated Test Systems used to support these platforms have to be updated to continue to function. Many of the original power supplies in these ATS's were made by companies that either are no longer in business, or for those that are still open, these older models are no longer supported or manufactured. Kepco's MST's are modern power supplies which will be manufactured and supported for decades to come.


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