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Kepco is a member of the VXI Plug and Play Alliance

TMA VXI-27 Controller Photo The Kepco model TMA VXI-27 is a Power Module Controller which plugs into a VXI computer chassis and allows the use of a VXI computer to control and monitor the outputs of up to 27 Kepco power modules (such as MAT's, MBT's, MST's and BOP's) equipped for communication via the IEEE 1118 two-wire serial bus.

The various models of the IEEE 1118-compatible power supplies provide the user with a choice of Link to Kepco's Digital Highway54 power supplies that can work with the TMA VXI-27 controller. The IEEE 1118 two-wire serial bus, also referred to as the Control Bus, allows the TMA VXI-27 to communicate with the 27 power modules up to a maximum distance of 1000 feet (300 meters).

The TMA VXI-27 is a Message Based VXI servant interface with Programmable Interrupter capabilities for Event generation, conforming to Specification VXI-1, REV. 1.4. As a Message Based Device it implements all Word Serial Commands required for an I4 class (i.e., IEEE 488 compatible) Instrument. It is a Single Width C sized card.

With a plug&play software driver, the user runs the TMA VXI-27 Controller in a Windows environment where a graphical interface provides easy setup of the Controller. The plug&play driver then provides a graphical representation of the power supplies controlled by the TMA VXI-27, and allows the user to set output voltage and current parameters by manipulating virtual controls on a representation of the front panel, instead of having to issue specific commands in the programming languages understood by the Kepco Power Supplies (either SCPI or CIIL).

*** You can download plug&play drivers (LabView for Windows) for the TMA VXI-27 controller free of charge.


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