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Submersion test video demonstrates that unit is designed to meet IEC60529 IP6x/IP66/IP67/IP68/IP69K

5 Year Warranty CE MARK
Model KHX Sealed Power Supply
KHX Extreme Environment Power Supply

Kepco's sealed KHX power supply modules are ideal for harsh or unusual environments such as railroad/mass transit, military, marine, mining and industrial applications. KHX's fault-tolerant design improves availability, eliminating single-points of failure and hot swap capability means no system downtime for maintenance.

They are well suited to meet the frequent wash-down and sanitizing requirements of the food and beverage industry. Modular design permits KHX to mesh with other Kepco models as part of an N+1 redundant system. Optional enhancements include distribution boxes, battery backup, status monitoring and compliance to all application classes of MIL-STD 461. KHX are designed to provide high availability DC power for applications where safety and reliability are a must.



  • Railroad Signaling systems
  • Redundant Power for industrial control loops
  • Frequent wash-down and sanitizing requirements
  • Battery charger backup to operate rail crossings and telecommunication system
  • LED Signs and Monitors
  • Battery Charging
  • Wireless Base Stations
  • Margin Testing
  • Oil and Gas Exploration/Refineries
  • Off-grid Power Systems


  • Railroad, mass transit
  • Military
  • Marine Environments
  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Food and beverage
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Perfect for extreme wet and hot environments.
  • Outdoor rated enclosure NEMA type 3; 3R; 4; 6 or IEC IP65/66/67/68/69.
  • Submersible for flood prone tunnels per IP68 and NEMA6.
  • Withstand high temperature (steam)/high pressure water-jets.
  • Hot-swappable: no system downtime for maintenance. Two KHX Modules with Distribution box
  • Suitable for undercarriage mount of railway cars; trucks or EV subject to frequent wash-downs per IP69K, water splash or flooding.
  • Wineries; food and beverage facilities, subject to daily or constant cleaning per IP69 or IP69K.
  • Can be used as Sensor power supply in underground application or submersible application.
  • Designed to meet ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) requirement.
  • Seismic-proof design complies with International Building Code and California/Alaska Building Code for Seismic reflection geophysics/geological exploration.
  • Sealed design allows use in explosion-proof applications; e.g., power to LED lighting or any equipment in zone I class 2 for chemical/industrial/agricultural applications.
  • Low brownout/AC/DC with Surge/EMI protection for power line input-sensitive or AC generator-run equipment, or input line redundancy make it ideal for lighting applications, e,g., replacing fluorescent designs with LED-based designs.
  • Meets EMC per EN 61000 and MIL-STD 461G (ground, Army).
  • All the electrical features/characteristics of Kepco's popular HSP/HSM
  • Ethernet Control, USB, I2C are available.
  • Available mounting: wall mount, DIN rail (or similar), pole mount.
  • Optional MIL-STD-461 compliance.

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