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Kepco Power Solutions
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These Power Managers are high voltage 20-, 25-, and 35-Watt fast programmable power supplies, which can stabilize a voltage or current against the effects of load, source, or temperature changes, yet respond with agility to programming signals requiring swift changes in output.

OPS photo

A built-in uncommitted amplifier can be used for summing, scaling, and programming by passive resistance. (Series OPS group IXB is essentially similar to Series APH with the large output and feedback capacitors removed, and without the front panel controls and metering.)

Model OPS 1000B (top), Model OPS 5000

The positive terminal is common. For programming with respect to the negative terminal, see Series NTC.

Output voltage is controlled by a built-in fixed feedback resistor which senses the voltage at the negative output/sense terminal ; and by a 0-1mA control current connected to the input summing terminal, which may be externally generated or derived from the built-in uncommitted amplifier. This amplifier, together with a built-in 6.2V reference, allows for low-level, passive element control over the output. A 0-5K ohm rheostat substituted for the internal feedback will control the high voltage output linearly through its entire range; or feedback can be taken from a sensor to stabilize heat, speed, force, or other physical phenomena.

Output current is controlled by a built-in current sensing and feedback circuit, compensated to account for the shunting effect of the voltage feedback circuit. a recessed trimmer, accessible through the front panel on the OPS X models, will control current from 2% Io to 100% Io max.

For a wider current control range, the voltage control channel may be connected so as to sample the drop across an external current-sensing resistor to obtain current feedback. Based on a 10V sample, control can be exercised from approximately 1mA to maximum output current. The current control channel can be controlled externally by an analog voltage (0-1V for full scale current), or by a potentiometer divider across the internal reference. Control of current is referred to the plus output terminal.

Kepco's 40W (1/2 rack) and 200W (full rack) BHK-MG High Voltage power supplies can serve as an alternative to OPS in the 500V, 1000V and 2000V range.


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