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NOTE: Model NTC 2000 is no longer available.
Kepco recommenends the BHK-MG Series as a replacement.

Model NTC 200 (top),
Model NTC 2000

NTC Photo

These Power Managers are shunt stabilized, "common negative," operational inverting power supplies. Their principle use is as an interface between an active programming signal and a series-pass, "positive common" power supply, when it is necessary for the latter's negative output terminal to be common, or grounded.

The NTCs are full range, unipolar, but very low power (2 Watts) operationally programmable power supplies, which can be programmed to any level within their rated range and fully loaded at any output setting. They are built with fixed feedback resistors (NTC 200: 200 ohms, NTC 2000: 2M ohms), which provide feedback from the positive output terminal.

NTC Models

Model NTC 200 is for use with Series ATE (up to 200V) and JQE. Model NTC 2000 is for use with Series APH, BHK, and OPS .

The NTC is a wideband, inverting d-c amplifier, producing a positive output for a negative input with respect to the negative output terminal, which is common. This output may be fed to the feedback circuit of a much higher powered series-pass power supply, with the positive output connected to the power supply's null junction, and the NTC's common negative output terminal. The combination is a high power series-pass Power Manager with a negative-common circuit. NTC 2000 may also be used with SN and SNR Series digital interfaces to extend their range to 2000V.


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